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H2O Insights is a leading water strategy & finance consultancy, providing water executives with unique insight and advice on developing their water strategy.

With 20 years of capital markets experience and nearly a decade of dedicated research on the water sector, our leadership has developed a broad and differentiated perspective of the water sector, providing competitive analysis, strategy, and financial insight to address the $700 billion water market. 

As your corporate development partner, we offer a thorough analysis of the markets your business is pursuing, and work on a comprehensive strategy to address those markets with an emphasis on the financial impacts on your organization. We help your team develop your water M&A strategy while also looking at organic growth opportunities and strategic partnerships. Our objective is to assist your organization with growth initiatives that create long-term value.

Furthermore, we provide insight to and analysis of the financial metrics to improve your forecasting and budgeting, aiding in the FP&A function.

Our goal is to improve your decision making by providing you with the analytical insight to increase your return on invested capital.

The Challenge

While industry participants are well aware of the growing importance of addressing our global water challenges, from drought to flooding to water quality, the demand for water solutions is often slow and unpredictable.  Meanwhile, the competitive landscape is at times shifting due to new market entrants or regulatory dynamics.  In the end, companies are faced with a surprisingly greater-than-expected challenge of how to tap into this enormous market while meeting KPIs such as market share, return on invested capital, or margins.

What We Offer

H2O Insights is dedicated to helping companies develop a coherent business and finance strategy to serve the global water markets. By leveraging our experience and relationships along with independent research, we provide companies valuable insight into market opportunities, product gaps, trends, and potential for synergies.  We then leverage our insight to help map the growth strategy, considering organic growth, M&A opportunities, and strategic partnerships. 

Additionally, we offer financial planning and analysis to improve the forecasting process and help companies better align resources with objectives.
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